T.P. Art

Friday, July 15, 2011
A girl from work showed me how to do this very easy, but adorable project. 
"Toilet Paper Art"

All you need for this is empty toilet paper rolls, a glue gun, scissors, and some spray paint. The first step is to collect the empty toilet paper rolls, which may take a while...

I cut my toilet paper (and paper towel) rolls into thirds, and then cut those thirds into halves. 
Then the fun starts, and you get to glue them together into your own little design. Mine started out looking like this: 

And ended like this:
The next step is painting your creation. I decided to use spray paint...
Simple enough!

You can make your T.P. art as big or small as you want. Here are a few examples of what other people have done with their T.P. rolls:

Pretty amazing!


  1. Emilee said...:

    i'm totally stealing your craft ideas! i mean...you do list the instructions step by step so i don't really feel like i'm stealing.....haha my sister did this project too and i'm excited to start mine! time to start collecting!

  1. Kenna Sue said...:

    Yeah do it! :) Then show me a picture!

  1. Meisha said...:

    Kenna this is sooo fricking cute!!!

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